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a fast-paced car fighting BOARD game

set in a dystopian future

The Game

Welcome to Death Roads: All Stars, the most dangerous and thrilling TV show in the Divided States of America. Here, you can change your fate, but you have to put your car and your life on the line. Only one person can win the ticket to paradise so be prepared. Better fasten your seat belts and go to the extreme!

Death Roads: All Stars is a fast-paced, car fighting game set in a fictional dystopian future where nearly half of the Moon has been destroyed. It is a board game for 1-5 players where you choose a car, a driver and weapons. As an outlander, you fight for the right to live in an automated metropolis among its other lucky or rich residents.

Each player has to manage their car’s Condition and Handling, switch Gears and play cards. All this to win a deadly TV contest and destroy other drivers or be the first when the race ends. Be aware of the skid mechanic and random road events that can change the game!


Every race is unique!

In Death Roads: All Stars, the players chooses their car, driver and weapons. It all affects road capabilities, making each race different. That creates almost endless playing possibilities!

No driving license required!

Death Roads: All Stars has a low entry threshold. It has no complicated rules and is accessible, although it does not lack depth. Thanks to this, everyone is able to make more epic moves.

Different roads to victory!

There is no one sure way to win in Death Roads: All Stars. You can win by eliminating all the other players or by being in the first position when you reach the finish line at the end of the race.

Quick Driving Lesson

  1. Choose a board and prepare common components.
  2. Pick your vehicle and driver, complete your unique set of weapons and you are ready to go.
  3. See what awaits you on the road. Play cards, change gears, overtake, bash other vehicles and shoot them!
  4. Make your opponents skid and take a risk, be cool to the end, but be careful not to lose your handling.Take advantage of various road events.
  5. Destroy your opponents, leave them far behind or put yourself at the mercy of the audience!


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